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Details Adult-Learning-Basics-Astd-Training-Basics

Adult Learning Basics Intended for learning and performance professionals, Adult Learning Basics addresses individual learning competencies, organizational learning climate, and technology-related issues as they affect adult learning in the workplace ...

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Details Learning-As-A-Function-of-Difficulty-Values-of-the-Learning-Material-Learning-To-Be

Learning as a function of difficulty - value of the learning material is designed to create suitable learning conditions in the classroom. The author used the best means and methods of instruction out of so many available with him. In this way, she ...

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Details Learning-to-Change-The-Role-of-Identity-and-Learning-Careers-in-Adult-Education-European-Studies-in-Lifelong-Learning-and-Adult-Learning-Research-Band-5

The Role of Identity and Learning Careers in Adult EducationBroschiertes BuchThis book highlights the issues of access, learning careers and identities in a diverse range of educational settings with diverse groups of adult students across Europe ...

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Details Discourses-on-Professional-Learning-On-the-Boundary-Between-Learning-and-Working-Professional-and-Practice-based-Learning-Band-9

Gebundenes BuchThis book analyses and elaborates on learning processes within work environments and explores professional learning. It presents research indicating general characteristics of the work environment that support learning, as well as ...

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Details Accelerated-Learning-A-Users-Guide-Accelerated-Learning-S

Accelerated Learning This guide builds on the success of Alistair Smith's original text 'Accelerated Learning in the Classroom' by bringing the research base up to date. It focuses on the 'learning' in accelerated learning and provides the reader with ...

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Details Experiential-Learning-Experience-as-the-Source-of-Learning-and-Development

By Kolb, David A. ( Author ) [ Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development By Oct-1983 Paperback

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Details The-Creative-Teaching-Learning-Resource-Book-Creativity-for-Learning

The Creative Teaching and Learning Resource Book A companion to the "Creative Teaching and Learning Toolkit", it presents over 200 tips, tools and practical strategies for effective teaching and learning that can be used in your classroom. It ...

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Details Learning-Efficacy-Celebrations-and-Persuasions-Hc-Research-about-Teaching-and-Learning

Learning Efficacy: Celebrations and Persuasions is a process of learning and instructing with two rather interrelated, if not interwoven, perspectives. The part of this book's title, namely learning efficacy , speaks to possible indicators or elements ...

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Details Lessons-in-Learning-e-Learning-and-Training-Reflections-and-Perspectives-for-the-Bewildered-Trainer

Lessons in Learning, e-Learning, and Training From Roger C. Schank-one of the most highly respected thinkers, writers, and speakers in the training, learning, and e-learning community-comes a compelling book of essays that explore the myriad issues ...

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Details Designing-Successful-E-Learning-Forget-What-You-Know-About-Instructional-Design-and-Do-Something-Interesting-Michael-Allens-Online-Learning-Library-Michael-Allens-E-learning-Library

Designing Successful e-Learning This is the second volume of six in Michael Allen's e-Learning Library-a comprehensive collection of proven techniques for creating e-learning applications that achieve targeted behavioral outcomes through meaningful ...

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Details Interpersonal-Regulation-of-Learning-and-Motivation-New-Perspectives-on-Learning-and-Instruction

Interpersonal Regulation of Learning and Motivation "Interpersonal Regulation of Learning and Motivation is the first book in the field to focus on major methodological advances in research on interpersonal regulation and motivation in learning ...