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Details School-Social-Work-An-Evidence-Informed-Framework-For-Practice-Evidence-Based-Practices-Oxford

School Social Work: An Evidence-Informed Framework for Practice offers school social work students and veteran practitioners a new framework for choosing their interventions based on the best available evidence. It is the first work that synthesizes ...

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Details Evidence-Based-Emergency-Medicine-Evidence-Based-Medicine

Emergency physicians assess and manage a wide variety of problems from patients presenting with a diversity of severities, ranging from mild to severe and life-threatening. They are expected to maintain their competency and expertise in areas where ...

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Details The-Sirius-Mystery-New-Scientific-Evidence-of-Alien-Contact-5000-Years-Ago-New-Scientific-Evidence-for-Alien-Contact-5-000-Years-Ago

The Sirius Mystery Convincing evidence that the Egyptian, Sumerian, and Dogo civilizations were founded by Aliens from the Sirius star system who are now ready to return. Updated with 140 pages of new scientific evidence that solidifies the hypothesis ...

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Details Evidence-Text-Materials

Evidence: Text & Materials provides a 'one-stop', readily accessible resource for students studying the law of evidence. It offers an exceptionally clear and lucid presentation of the law, effectively introducing and guiding students through this ...

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Details Evidence-Based-Anaesthesia-and-Intensive-Care

A comprehensive 2006 volume on the theories and applications of evidence-based anaesthesia and critical care. Coming from the internationally renowned Cochrane Collaboration - the global force in evidence-based medicine - this promises to be an ...

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Details Evidence-of-Time-Travel-Vinyl-LP

,NEU (OVP) - .Label: Metamatic.Published: 2014/Evidence of Time Travel is a unique investigation of the terr

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Details Powells-Principles-And-Practice-Of-The-Law-Of-Evidence-1885

Powell's Principles And Practice Of The Law Of Evidence (1885)